New Video Series

I have started a new video series named The Story Behind the Shot. Each video gives a description of the photograph and the environment in which it was taken.
Nashville Arts Magazine – November 2010 – “Waves Of Light”
I am very grateful to Paul Polycarpou, editor of Nashville Arts Magazine, for this article showcasing my work. You may download a PDF copy (3.2MB).

Nashville Arts Magazine – November 2014 – “Nashville 6 A.M.”
Nashville Arts Magazine has been running a series in which 12 photographers were invited to shoot anywhere in Nashville that they wanted. The only proviso was that all the shots were to be taken between 6 and 7 a.m. My shots were taken at a large Farmer’s Market.

Nashville Arts Magazine – June 2015 – “The Spirit of Asia by Bob Sherman” has a feature on my show at the Customs House Museum. There is also more information about the show in the shows section of this site.

The Leaf Chronicle – May 30, 2015. This an article about my show at the Customs House Museum.