New Video Series

I have started a new video series named “The Story Behind the Shot.” Each video gives a description of the photograph and the environment in which it was taken.

This video shows the billboard display of my work as the Nashville Artist of the Week.”

My show at The Customs House Museum in Clarksville, TN, included an hour long interview of me by the CEO/Publisher of “Nashville Arts Magazine.” The name of the show was “The Illusion of Person and Place.” There is another video of me giving a guided tour of the images.

The UN Chronicle did a cool thing in their Vol. LV No. 1 2018 , “The Quest for Water.” They stretched my photo “Lunar Cross” in the gallery “Sun and Moon” for both the front and back covers.

“The Leaf Chronicle” – May 30, 2015. This an article about my show at the Customs House Museum.

 Nashville Arts Magazine – June 2015 – “The Spirit of Asia by Bob Sherman” has a feature on my show at the Customs House Museum.

Nashville Arts Magazine – November 2014 – “Nashville 6 A.M. Nashville Arts Magazine has been running a series in which 12 photographers were invited to shoot anywhere in Nashville that they wanted. The only proviso was that all the shots were to be taken between 6 and 7 a.m. My shots were taken at a large Farmer’s Market.